Cider Press

Cider PressNothing is better then fresh pressed apple cider on a Fall day. At Brant’s, our cider starts with the best apples of the season. Varieties are paired throughout the season for the perfect blend to create our delicious apple cider.

Our Orchard still uses the 1895 Boomer & Boshert rack and a cloth press.  The single motor belt driven press is an amazing sight to see.  

Before pressing, apples are washed, sorted for size, hand sorted to remove any “bad apples”, and then stacked in bushel crates by variety to create the perfect blend.  Seven bushels at a time are ground and fill each rack and cloth layer and up to eleven layers can be pressed at once. 

We press twice a week, so check with us on your next visit to find out when you can watch the next pressing.

Cider pressing facts:

  • We must have at least 5 varieties of apples for a press.  Some late season blends have as many as 13!
  • It requires about 11# of apples to yield just one gallon of cider.