Apples & Produce

Brants Apple Orchard rests on 80 acres of land with over 2,600 apple trees (22 varieties), Asian pears and table grapes. brants-apples

At Brants, we grow the following apple varieties with the estimated harvest dates.


Jersey Mac (Mid August)

An early McIntosh variety, moderately acidic, juicy and aromatic. Taste is a good balance of sweetness and tartness.

Tydeman’s Red (Mid August)

Offspring of the Maclntosh, although its flesh is firmer and milder in taste. Good for eating and sauces.

Paulared (Mid-Late August)

A natural mutation of the Macintosh. It’s taste is not too sweet, not too tart, with hints of strawberry. Suitable for eating and cooking.

Ginger Gold (Mid-Late August)

Sweet but mildly tart flavor. Resists browning-great for Waldorf salads.

Redfree (Mid-Late August)

An early season dessert apple-crisp and juicy with a sweet tart flavor. An all purpose apple for eating, sauces, pies, salads and baking.

Mollies Delicious (Late August/Early September)

A great eating and lunchbox apple with an exceptional aftertaste. Can be stored for up to 10 weeks under refrigeration.

Sansa (Late August/Early September)

A Gala apple cross. Firm, Juicy and sweet. A great eating apple.

Valstar (Late August/Early September)

A golden delicious cross from Holland with a flavor sweet, yet tangy flavor. Great for eating.

Gala (Late August/Early September)

A Golden Delicious cross developed in New Zealand. Best for eating. Gala apples are fairly resistant to bruising and are sweet, grainy, with a mild flavor and a thinner skin than most apples.

McIntosh (Early September)

An old time favorite, the McIntosh has a tart, spicy flavor and a tender skin. Cooks down when baked. It will store for several months.

Cortland (Early to Mid September)

A relative of the McIntosh. This is a large, handsome apple with dark red skin. Its flesh is very crisp, pure white, and resists browning when cut. The flavor is tart and tangy. Our customers seek out this apple for the rosy sauce it makes when its skin is included in the cooking.

Empire (Late September)

A cross of Mcintosh and Red Delicious. Firm and crisp, both sweet and moderately tart; the Empire is one of our favorites. It’s size makes it perfect for a “lunch-box” apple

Honeycrisp (Late September)

A sweet, very crisp excellent eating apple as well as an excellent keeper.

Jonathan (Late September)

Though smaller in size, this apple has a huge spicy flavor. Perfect apple for juice, cider, and to add flavor to sauces.

Jonagold (Late September)

A Jonathan/Golden Delicious cross. Sweet, with a hint of tartness.

Red Delicious (Late September)

One of the most widely grown apples in the world. It is sweet and mildly flavored with a thick skin that resists bruising.

Golden Delicious (Late September)

An old-time favorite, this apple has a softer skin. Its flavor is mild, sweet and distinctive.

Melrose (Early October)

This Jonathan, Red Delicious cross, developed at Ohio State University in the 1940’s, is the official Ohio State apple. It is large, with yellow-green skin flushed with red and dappled with russet. It is firm, crisp, and juicy. Our customers choose this apple for eating after Christmas when it develops a fruity aroma.

Rome Beauty (Early October)

Originating from Rome, Ohio. Best for baking to add texture and firmness to pies and cobbler.

Idared (Mid October)

A Jonathan cross, with an aromatic, moderately tart flavor. An excellent keeper for the Winter.

Firmgold (Mid to late October)

This strain of Golden Delicious is another favorite. Its flesh is very firm and is more resistant to bruising. The Firmgold will store well.

Stayman Winesap (Late October)

A purplish fruit with firm, yellow flesh. This apple is well known for its spicy, wine-like flavor and aroma.